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Panasonic WhisperAir Repair

Repair Your Air with Panasonic

The new WhisperAir Repair™ from Panasonic is a compact ceiling-mount air purifier that is effective against odour, hazardous substances, allergens and pollens while being maintenance free. Panasonic’s nanoe™ X technology creates hydroxyl radicals contained in water vapour to repair the air in a space without creating potentially damaging ozone or UV. There are no filters…
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Make Sure Your Power is on Your Side

Every facility starts with the best of intentions when it comes to power, but the reality is that much of the equipment installed can cause havoc with a system. whether it’s elevators and motor loads, or DC power supplies and servers, harmonics and other transients can abound, causing not only penalties on utility bills, but…
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Get your Heat Trace on the Genesis Network

When many industrial sites were originally built, modern heat trace controls did not exist. Early heat trace installations utilized thermostatic controls, where more modern or critical installations use heat trace controllers. One of the benefits of controllers is communication for remote monitoring. However, in retrofit applications this benefit is often not realized because of the…
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Safer Spaces with the FST Fast Transfer Lighting Inverter

With the low power consumption of LED compared to HID, fluorescent, or incandescent technologies, the technology of the central lighting inverter allows for a centralized battery backup for emergency fixtures or circuits. While larger spaces such as aquatic centers utilize central lighting inverters, smaller spaces and facilities tend to have bug eye style emergency lights…
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Sirens for the 21st Century with the Appello from E2S

Conventional horns or sirens in a fire alarm, school bell, or for evacuation mimic the sounds of their mechanical predecessors. Bells when school is out, bells for a fire alarm, a motorized siren for an air raid or tsunami, etc. But, a bell is a common sound that is easily tuned out or ignored. A…
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Easier Installation and Increased Safety with Combined Audible/Visual Stacks from E2S

Audible notification has come a long way from the trumpets and gongs of ancient times, to the steam whistle and mechanical bell of modern times. The only downside to this progress, is that audible notification only works if it can be heard. For environments with high ambient noise levels or where personnel are hearing impaired,…
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Protect your Bathroom from Mould and Mildew Growth with Panasonic Ventilation Fans

One of the most important reasons for a functioning ventilation fan in the bathroom is protecting against excess moisture in the home. The ideal range for health is between 40-60% relative humidity which reduces opportunities for mold growth. Humid air when in contact with cold surfaces such as tile, mirrors, and fixtures in the bathroom…
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The Best Patios are Heated

Sunny days on the patio are a highlight of summer, and don’t have to stop with the chilly evenings of spring and fall. If a patio is covered, heating can provide a comfortable environment once the temperatures drop. Infrared heaters burning natural gas or propane are typically used, but electric provides an alternative. For retrofits,…
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Healthy Homes Start With Indoor Air Quality

In light of the current pandemic, ventilation systems in homes and workplaces have the opportunity to positively influence health. While current building codes incorporate continuous balanced mechanical ventilation, many older homes were constructed before Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) became a concern. As the building envelope improved to make homes efficient, the requirements for an effective…
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Marcus Transformers – In Stock and Available!

Marcus Transformer has been providing quality, energy efficient transformers for over 75 years and have been continually expanding their product line to encompass solutions ranging from cost-effective commercial transformers, to custom products designed to suit unique applications!