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Protect your Bathroom from Mould and Mildew Growth with Panasonic Ventilation Fans

One of the most important reasons for a functioning ventilation fan in the bathroom is protecting against excess moisture in the home. The ideal range for health is between 40-60% relative humidity which reduces opportunities for mold growth. Humid air when in contact with cold surfaces such as tile, mirrors, and fixtures in the bathroom…
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Healthy Homes Start With Indoor Air Quality

In light of the current pandemic, ventilation systems in homes and workplaces have the opportunity to positively influence health. While current building codes incorporate continuous balanced mechanical ventilation, many older homes were constructed before Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) became a concern. As the building envelope improved to make homes efficient, the requirements for an effective…
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Energy Step Code and ERVs

The B.C. Energy Step Code is in full swing, and regardless of whether your municipality is implementing only ‘Step 1’ currently, the movement for higher ‘Steps’ for Part 9 (Home Building) construction is on the rise. Many municipalities have already or are shortly to implement ‘Step 3’ (a 20% improvement from baseline). Due to the…
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