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Safer Spaces with the FST Fast Transfer Lighting Inverter

With the low power consumption of LED compared to HID, fluorescent, or incandescent technologies, the technology of the central lighting inverter allows for a centralized battery backup for emergency fixtures or circuits. While larger spaces such as aquatic centers utilize central lighting inverters, smaller spaces and facilities tend to have bug eye style emergency lights…
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Sirens for the 21st Century with the Appello from E2S

Conventional horns or sirens in a fire alarm, school bell, or for evacuation mimic the sounds of their mechanical predecessors. Bells when school is out, bells for a fire alarm, a motorized siren for an air raid or tsunami, etc. But, a bell is a common sound that is easily tuned out or ignored. A…
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Easier Installation and Increased Safety with Combined Audible/Visual Stacks from E2S

Audible notification has come a long way from the trumpets and gongs of ancient times, to the steam whistle and mechanical bell of modern times. The only downside to this progress, is that audible notification only works if it can be heard. For environments with high ambient noise levels or where personnel are hearing impaired,…
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