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Leotek Low-Glare Optics for Increased Visual Comfort in Exterior Spaces

Leotek Low-Glare Optics for Increased Visual Comfort in Exterior Spaces

LED has ushered in a revolution in the lighting industry, with wattage consumption currently at approximately 1/3rd of what it was with HID. In the 10+ years that LED technology has been an alternative to HID in outdoor lighting, costs have decreased dramatically to where the economics make it an easy choice. At this point in the evolution of LED,

LED by virtue of being a point source is easily controlled for precise distributions of light to increase uniformity for an even light level throughout the space. A downside for pedestrian scale lighting is that the heights are typically lower which when combined with a point source of light and a high output from modern LED’s there is a potential for glare.

Glare is a function of light output and size of the light source. Increasing the source size or reducing the intensity will both serve to increase comfort.

The Arieta® ComfortGuide™ shoebox and ComfortView  cobrahead from Leotek offer alternatives through optics to reduce potential glare and increase visual comfort.

Leotek Arieta LED Shoebox Luminaire

Conventional Discrete LED’s

Arieta® ComfortGuide™

Visual Comfort Optics Without Visible LED’s

The Arieta® ComfortGuide™ optics have a large luminous area which by enlarging the size of the light source reduces perception of glare. Further information on the Arieta® ComfortGuide™ is here.

ComfortView Neighborhood LED Street Light

With the lower mounting heights and increased proximity to homes of residential streetlighting, the ComfortView has warmer colour temperatures down to 2700K, field installable shields to control light trespass, and visual comfort optics to reduce glare. Further information on the ComfortView™ is here.

Visual Comfort Optic to Reduce LED Pixelation

ComfortView Technology