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Heating Product Spotlight: Foil Heating Mats and Freeze Protection

Heating Product Spotlight: Foil Heating Mats and Freeze Protection

Foil Heating Mats

Warmup Inc. knows that not all underfloor heating applications are the same, and while they offer a comprehensive selection of heating products for under tile and laminate, they also have a unique solution for heating under floating type flooring such as rigid core vinyl, engineered wood or even carpet.

Using a simple Cut and Turn method, the foil heater can be used to similar to traditional cable that is normally installed in thinset, but the foil material allows for better heat transfer across the flooring without the need for the mess and complications of self-leveler or other compounds.

With the addition of soft insulation that can be added underneath to act as a thermal break between the floor and subfloor, these foil heating mats can provide underfloor radiant heat to nearly any application! and what’s more, they are in stock locally in BC!

Freeze Protection

Winter is no longer just around the corner, it is well and truly upon us, and nothing is a better wake up call for that than frozen or burst pipes.

Warmup makes staying on top of freeze protection simple by offering spools of Self-Regulated Cable which can be cut to length as well as Pre-built Kits in lengths from 6ft to 100ft!

Whether you’re looking to stock some at your location or just need a kit for that one pesky exterior pipe, these products are stocked locally in 3, 5 and 8 Watts per foot and in 250 foot and 1000 foot reels along with the premade kits!